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What We Do

i4 Studio’s purpose is to “mash-up” your company with the right startups – fintech, chemtech, medtech, energytech, {you name it}tech. Running within our technology garage, we’ll leverage fast, innovative, and agile methods to deliver new and disruptive business models for your company. We expect to fail fast. Everyone will learn from the failures, and one day those failures will turn into innovations delivering for your company. Our approach will inspire your teams, drive innovative solutions for your business, and help your firm reach the next frontier faster.

Our Formula for Success 


Our Offerings 

We offer Innovation-as-a-Service to help provide clients with direct access to leading creative innovators and entrepreneurs. We work with our partners to help them gain early access to the latest trends and technologies, filter and make sense of which startups and innovations could be most valuable, and design the highest impact pilots and partnerships for their business. We provide leadership, mentorship and workshops that provoke creativity and learning to your organization.

Dynamic Space & Environment

Dynamic Space & Environment

Access to Talent

Access to Talent

Outcome Driven Workshops

Outcome Driven Workshops

We’ll Teach Your Project Team
How to Work like a Startup

Companies are starting to recognize the tremendous value potential of lean startups helping them innovate. Working with startups has been proven to increase employee retention, motivate mature employees and disrupt your own business from within. There is no shortage of innovative startups across the globe; the challenge is finding the ones that will accelerate and stimulate your internal talent pool and disrupt your traditional business process from within.

Our Innovation Project Model


Understand Innovation Context


Identify Opportunity Areas


Select Ventures &

Prototype & Validate Ideas


Build & Launch Your Project

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