Do you want to leave your competition in the dust?
After attending a Learning Lab in the morning, the employees of New York Newsday applied what they learned to solve a $22,000 problem that afternoon.

Do you want a business breakthrough that will you keep you ahead of the curve? Or do you just need a fresh way to look at your business?

In this highly interactive program you will experience proven techniques to become deliberately creative – skills you will apply immediately. You don’t have to wait for good ideas to happen, you can create them.

So that you can experience the power of deliberate creativity, we will randomly select one person and the class will generate at least 70 new ideas for any challenge that person brings to the program.

Past participants have used this program to design new products, craft new business strategies and create new services. This is real work for real business results. And it’s a lot of fun.


  • Up to 30 participants
  • Held in i4 Studio at the Innovation Center
  • 3 hours

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