Create your organization's vision for the future

Where is your company going to be in five years? Do you know? Does your team know? Do you have a clear picture of your future? There is an old proverb that says that the poorest person in the world is not the one without money, it is the person without vision.

In this session, you and your team will create your vision for your future and develop specific steps to get there. You will be amazed at how short a time it takes to accomplish great things when the entire team shares the same vision.

This program has been used to set the vision for the Los Angeles Times, the United States Geological Survey and St. Joseph University Parish in Buffalo.

  • Teams and/or departments with 30 members or less
  • Held in i4 Studio or LEARN at the Innovation Center (dependent on size)
  • One full day (8 hours) or two half day sessions (4 hours)

You will walk away with increased alignment of team members to your organization’s strategic plans and specific tactics to implement those plans.

Thank you for making us a better newspaper.

Kathryn M. Downing

President and CEO, The Los Angeles Times